Dirt bikes adventures in Hualien County

4 different levels, 4 different places


Motocross in Hualien is becoming one of the most popular outdoor adventures. UniqueFun will help you to discover and experience the most beautiful places in Hualien County (the East Coast of Taiwan). You will love Hualien with Dirt bike.


Imagine yourself rushing from 15 km per hour up to even 50 km per hour among the beautiful green of the forest, palm and banana trees.


Moments later you are going crazy on the mountain route, breathing extremely clean air, and your eyes  enjoy the beauty of the mountains and views. You don’t know whether to take amazing photos or just keep going.

14 Motocross (dirt bike) in Ruisui Mount

The whole of Taiwan, especially the East Coast is simply beautiful and must see. Lots of National Parks, headed by Toroko, where you can admire the wild nature. Now all of the above is available for you!


Motocrossing in the forests and the mountains of Hualien County is absolutely must do activity.


Especially in the winter, as many water adventures in Taiwan are closed due to lower water temperature and the strong wind blowing.


Everyone will find suitable trail to ride with us 365 days in a year.

Our trainers and customer service department are experienced. They will love to assist you if you ever need any help.


Afterwards, UniqueFun will send you the photos we took for you during the ride!


Currently, UniqueFun provides 4 levels of different off-road half-day trips.

Full descriptions of every level & booking you will find on the right-hand side.

Totoro Forest Dirt Bike (Level of difficulty: 1)


This motorcross tour dedicated for beginners. No experience needed, we do not drive too fast. The off road takes around 10km in Toroto Forest. A great starter for everybody. Check details and pricing here.

Bannana Grove Trail Dirt Bike (Level of difficulty: 2)


This motocross activity is dedicated for tourists with some riding previous experience. Level 2/4. The off road trip takes around 30km (15km + 15km).

Check details and pricing here.

Guangfu Forest Dirt Bike Tour (Level of difficulty: 3)


This motocross adventure is dedicated for visitors with previous riding experience.

Level 3/4. The off road takes around 40km (20km + 20km).

Check details and pricing here.

10 Motocross in Guangfu Forest with Love

Ruisui Mountain Motocross (Level of difficulty: 4)


This motocross adventure is the most difficult and it is dedicated for advanced.

Level 4/4. The off road takes around 30km (15km + 15km). Check details and pricing here.

7 Reasons why it is good idea to join UniqueFun motocross half-day activity:

1. Dirt bike activity is suitable for everyone who is 12+ years old.

2. You can embrace much more of Hualien beauty in shorter period of time.

3. Our experienced coaches will explain you how to ride on the dirt bike in the safest way

4. You will be able to get more HQ photos, our coaches can also help you find the best scenery and amazing secret places that nobody knows.

5. Just in the case UniqueFun provide free NT$ 2 million travel insurance coverage / NT$ 200,000 medical insurance coverage

6. We have currently 4 different levels of the motocross adventure so you will find the route which suits you.

7. We run motocross adventure 365 days in a year as it is almost weather independent.

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