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A tour to Hualien County is a dive into tradition and nature. On the East Coast of Taiwan, you will find many best hiking trails, hot springs, monasteries, and secret mountain landscapes!


You are certainly wondering what to do in Hualien City, far from the splendid Taipei and its crazy nights and gorgeous monuments? Here you have a different way to embrace the Taiwanese culture. With UniqueFun you will LoveHualien and discover other aspects of the Island: the hidden ones. These wild adventures are calling for you. 


How to spend time in the middle of nowhere? How to live an intense experience and full yourself with energy? How to follow the footsteps of ancient natives? How to find refuge in the mountains for total immersion in the wild forest?


Hiking in Taroko National Park is the first answer

Book a train ticket to enjoy an amazing   hiking trails in Hualien County! UniqueFun will lead you to the adventure step by step with fun and vigour.



Hiking in Hualien is a must-do outdoor activity for everybody


Hiking is an outdoor activity accessible to all, it allows you to approach a country or a region at the pace of walking and meet its inhabitants and see a great exhibition of the flora and if you are lucky some animal species. Crossing or looping, easy to access, and has different levels of difficulty.


Hiking is often considered as making you exhausted, but it is a healthy sport that makes you improve your mental ability, endurance, cardio and helps you lose weight.


It is a recommended sport for those who want to strengthen their legs muscles and be fit. Imagine yourself admiring the majestic mountain landscape and shaping your body at the same time. Imagine yourself challenging to climb one of the most beautiful mountains in the region.


Among the seven natural wonders of Asia, there is the famous Taroko National Park!

The mountains are so amazing that it is even hard to describe. The tops height is more than 3000m of altitude. It surrounds the Liwu river, waterfalls, hot springs, and gives shelter to various species of flora and fauna.


With UniqueFun experience, you will get incredible memories. Our coaches will tell you exactly where the best opportunity is to make breathtaking pictures and help you with shooting as well. Our help allows you to discover the region with a new eye, the eye of nature. You will walk in the footsteps of the island's natives, discover their history and their abandoned villages. 


Hualien hiking tour will fulfill you with a new kind of energy. You will feel the adventure in your bones and blood. Be ready to love it and to wear your hiking shoes.


Hiking levels explained


The trails we propose are accessible to everyone but can be a real challenge for beginner’s hikers. For those who suffer from vertigo, be warned that we climb quite high and that the paths can be quite narrow and close to the cliff.


*Notice that the time we announce does not include rest time. (source of the levels?)


Hiking Level 1: walking 60-120 minutes on a regular path, less than 150 meters of hills.


Hiking Level 2: walking 60-120 minutes on a path, 150 to 300 meters of hills.


Hiking Level 3: 180 minutes walking per day on a path, track, or hilly course. Approx. 300 meters of hills.


Hiking Level 4: 5 hours walking per day on a trail and / or 500 to 700 meters of hills and / or trail takes 15 km. 


Hiking Level 5: 6 hours walking per day, on and off the trail and/or 700 to 1,000 of hills and/or the trail takes 15-18 km.


Hiking Level 6: walking longer than 8 hours, off the trail, or in uneven terrain, with more than 1km of hills and/or trail takes 20 km.


When is the best time for hiking in Hualien?


You are welcomed to hike with us 365 days a year! Hiking is one of the sports that you can do whenever you want. On a sunny or rainy day, you will always get incredible memories of your adventure.


Nevertheless, the less rainy period is autumn, it is the best season for hiking in Taroko Gorge (September until November). It is also the best period to avoid typhoons. In the case of high temperature, we often schedule early morning trips to avoid the temperature peak. 





How to get ready for hiking in Hualien County? 


Having good shoes is a must.


Shoes are the most important thing to think about when you are planning to hike. The shoes should be intended for off-road walking. It must combine comfort and robustness while absorbing the roughness of the ground and stones.


You must think of comfort first, then flexibility and sturdiness which are the only guarantees to offer you all the benefits of a pleasant hike. 



Prepare clothes properly for hiking 


Besides, it is recommended to wear clothes that can absorb sweat. Depending on the weather and temperature, you can wear both pants and shorts.


4 tips to prepare yourself to hike  


If it is your first hike and you are feeling like a fit person, here you will some essential tips to prepare your body for physical effort: 


The hike begins with an easily digestible breakfast, which should contain drink water with minerals, cereals or bread, fruits like avocado, fresh dairy products, or cheeses.


While walking, regularly eat (for example every 90 minutes). Bread, cereals, dried fruits are full of fast sugars (prunes, grapes, dates, etc.), and oleaginous fruits like almonds, etc.). Be prepared with energy bars, just in the case of a sudden lack of energy. 


At the lunch break, eat light and try to avoid meat, especially beef. 


The evening meal should contain couscous, potatoes, rice, etc., but also you can try a soup for mineral salts and hydration, a salad of raw vegetables for the fibers, fruits, and dairy products. We are recommending lean meats, eggs, and fish. An infusion will improve re-hydration.


Nevertheless, the most important thing to do is hydrate yourself. In tropical environments, the high heat and humidity make your hiking progress more difficult, the needs of the body become important. Dry air, even without heat or strain, can be a source of dehydration. 


The big question is how to prepare yourself with drinking water? 


While hiking it is important to take a few sips every 30 min, it is much more efficient than a large amount during less frequent breaks.


Above all, do not wait until you are thirsty to drink! Absorbing 2.5 l. of water during a "normal" several hours of hiking seems like a reasonable minimum.


In the evening when you come back to your hotel, remember to drink more water than usual to reduce the water deficit for the day.




What to expect during hiking in Taroko National Park? 


“Taroko” means beautiful and splendid so you can expect breathtaking landscapes. The National Taroko park includes more than 920 km of mountains and forests and is a sanctuary to different kinds of animals (as Sambar deer, black bear, Formosan Macaque…) and species of flora.


Besides, we can count more than 152 species of birds in the park, including 14 species unique to Taiwan, such as Swinhoe's Pheasant (Lophura Swinhoe), Formosan BIue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea), and the Fire-breasted Flowerpecker (Dicaeum ignipectus). Researchers have also identified 302 species of colorful butterflies.



While walking you will be rocked by the beautiful melodies of the singing birds and the raw leaves flying to the rhythm of the wind. Take a breath, close your eyes, and open your perception of the natural world.


Open your eyes and be hypnotized by the imposing and magnificent gorges just in front of you, the Zhong Yang shan Mai will make you travel to another relaxing reality.


Here is the well-guarded secret of hiking: In this peaceful environment, you will embrace nature and gorgeous nooks. You will LoveHualien with UniqeFun.

Ready for hiking or other adventure? Check all activities you can do!

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As its name implies, the Lushui Wenshan Trail is an ancient road from the Wenshan section of Taroko to the Lushui section. It is a section of the Yueling Ancient Trail.

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