A map of Hualien's attractions & adventures

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Hualien County map of attractions - find the best places to visit:

1. Pine Garden

2. Sugar Factory

3. Dongdamen Night Market

4. Farglory Ocean Park

5. Jici swimming beach

6. Flower Farm

7. Glass Bridge Hualien (Fengbin Skywalk)

8. Stone Sculpture Museum

9. Hualien Port

10. Hualien Train Station

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Hualien County map of adventures - find must-do activity to have fun with UniqueFun:


1. Hiking Trail in Magical Forest

2. Motocross in Totoro Forest

3. Kayaking on Ocean next to Qingshui Cliff

4. Stand Up Paddling on Hualien River 

5. Hiking Old Trail in Taroko Zhuilu

6. Motocross in Banana Grove

7. Kayaking on Hualien River

8. SUP on the Ocean next to Qingshui Cliff

9. Hiking Trail in Taroko Xilaan

10. Motocross in Guangfu Forest

11. River Tracing & Hot Spring (Half Day)

12. Changhong Bridge SUP Day Tour

13. Hiking Trail in Wenshan Lushui

14. Motocross in Ruisui Mountain

15. Shuimutin SUP Day Tour

16. Angelic Stream Trekking

17. Ocean Tube rafting

18. Day Tour Hikes in Taroko Gorge

19. Day Tour Hikes Sightseeing in Taroko Gorge

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