PRICE NT$ 2499




Duration of the tour step by step:

  1. Pick up from your Hotel in Hualien City (Approx. 30 min)
  2. Baqi rest stop at coastal highway scenic lookout (Approx. 30 min)
  3. Xinshe rice terrace (or Cape Banshao) (Approx. 30 min)
  4. Shimen March Cave (Approx. 30 min)
  5. Shitiping Scenic Recreation (Approx. 40 min)
  6. Jing Pu Tropic of Cancer landmark (Approx. 20 min)
  7. Pakelang Boat House (Approx. 90 min)
  8. Baxiandong Archaeological Site (Approx. 60 min)
  9. Enjoy paddling SUP at Shuimutin (Approx. 120 min)
  10. Amis Tribe Holy Sea Festival Pavilion (Approx. 30 min)
  11. Return transfer to Hualien City (Approx. 90 min)



 Tour Duration: Approx. 9 hours, subjected to actual conditions. 



1. Hualien City area pick up

2. Meet at the Uniquefun HQ

3. Meet at Hualien Train Station



  1. Suitable for ages 6 and above.
  2.  6 – 12 years old requires accompanying parents.
  3. Due to safety measures, please ensure that you are in physically good health. This activity is not suitable for participants with prevailing heart conditions, chronic illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, epilepsy, and pregnancy. If you suffer from these diseases, please do not register.



Minimum persons to book: 1

Minimum persons to departure: 4



  1. Activities may be altered due to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions to deliver a safe and satisfying experience to all participants.
  2. Do not explore danger zones unaccompanied in case of any accidents.
  3. Please follow the instructions issued by the tour guide or instructor when encountering bad weather or unforeseen conditions.
  4. Always stay together as a team and keep a lookout for each other. Do not venture off on your own.
  5. UniqueFun reserves the right to defer or cancel a scheduled tour due to unforeseen circumstances such as typhoons, earthquakes or storms,
  6. Changes due to unforeseen circumstances will be notified via phone calls.



Lightweight clothing / swimsuits, wearing contact lenses is recommended



  1. Please bring along your personal motion sickness medication and take it 30 minutes prior to activity.
  2. Please bring along 2L of drinking water, sunscreen, insect repellent, poncho, umbrella, etc.
  3. Do not bring your valuables along.



  1. Complimentary transfer service within Hualien City (transfer service is not available beyond Hualien and assembly will be at UniqueFun HQ)
  2. Full gear and safety equipment
  3. Snacks
  4. Coaching for fundamental equipment usage
  5. 2 million NTD travel insurance coverage / 200,000 NTD medical insurance coverage
  6. Guided tour
  7. Photography assistance
  8. For English service, please let us know at least 3 days in advance at no extra charges (tips for our international volunteers are welcomed).



  1. Breakfast
  2. Unlisted transportation service
  3. Personal expenses



Tour itinerary is subjected to alteration or cancellation depending on weather conditions.



Days Prior to Event Refund Terms:

8 days prior: Full refund

3-7 days prior: 20% administrative fee

2 days prior: 50% administrative fee

1 day prior or actual day: No refund

Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances by company: Full refund



  1. Rescheduling can be made between 4 to 6 days prior of activity (excluding actual day). However, a change can be made only once and is limited to activities from the same organizer.
  2. Price difference that occur after changes will be topped up or refunded.
  3. Cancellation will not be accepted after changes are made.
  4. Last minute requests for date change on actual day of activity will not be accepted



#15 Shuimutin SUP Day Tour

  • During the colonial rule of Taiwan, it was an important place for camphor. In order to develop camphor resources in the east, the first camphor bridge was built in 1937. Later, with the expansion of the East Coast Road, a new bridge was built above the Zhangyuan Bridge in 1986.


    Below the old Zhangyuan Bridge is the main water inlet of Changbin Dazhen, which is also the Shuimutin river watershed. You can see camphor trees everywhere. There are various types of boulders in the creek, as well as fish ladders for fish schools.


     You can also appreciate a variety of amphibious ecology along the creek. The towering peaks form a charming valley with beautiful scenery. At the end of the river are two towering mountains. Paddling along the Shuimutin creek, you can admire all the natural landscape.


    Besides the SUP(Stand up paddle boarding) activity, the tour will also take you to numerous scenic places along the coastline that was less known by people, travel with us, to discover the prestige forests, walk the sandy beaches, chasing a wonderful times between the waves.