PRICE NT$ 1599



3:30AM Sunrise session (1)

9:00AM Morning session (2)

1:30PM Afternoon session (3)



Duration of the tour step by step:

  1. Hualien Train Station to Chongde Beach (Approx. 40 min)
  2. Gear up (Approx. 30 min)
  3. Coaching (Approx. 40 min)
  4. Paddling in the magnificant ocean and enjoy the beauty of east coast (Approx. 90 -120min)
  5. Returing the equipment (Approx. 30 min)
  6. Shuttle back to Hualien Train Station (Approx. 40 min)



Tour Duration: Approx. 4-5 hours, subjected to actual conditions.



1. Hualien train station

2. Meet at Chongde Beach



3:30AM Sunrise session (1), gather at 03:00-03:30AM

9:00AM Morning session (2), gather at 08:00-09:00AM

1:30PM Afternoon session (3), gather at 1:00-2:00PM



  1. Suitable for ages 15 and above, parental company required for children under ages 18.
  2. Weight limitation: 1 SUP only can bear 180kg for 2 people that each person cannot be more than 90 kg. If your weight is over than the limitation, please contact our customer service after booking so that we can help you change the reservation to 1-person SUP (extra fee of NT$400 / person is needed)
  3. Due to safety measures, please ensure that you are in physically good health. This activity is not suitable for participants with prevailing heart conditions, chronic illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, epilepsy. If you suffer from these diseases, please do not register. This activity is also not suitable for pregnant women.



Minimum persons to book: 1

Minimum persons to departure: 4



  1. Uniquefun cannot guarantee that participants will definitely see the sunrise and sunset because that is a natural phenomenon.
  2. Activities may be altered due to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions to deliver a safe and satisfying experience to all participants.
  3. Uniquefun reserves the right to defer or cancel a scheduled tour due to unforeseen circumstances such as typhoons, earthquakes or storms.
  4. Changes due to unforeseen circumstances will be notified via phone calls. Please leave the correct contact information




  1. Always follow the instruction of our instructors
  2. Always stay together as a team and keep a lookout for each other. Do not venture off on your own
  3. Take your own trash with you while leaving
  4. Always pay attention to your own safety


Uniquefun will not take any responsibility if accidental casualties are caused by personal negligence, or if you conceal your personal discomfort without actively informing the company or the instructors.



  1.  This event is 2-person SUP, extra fee of NT$400/person is needed if you want to change the reservation to 1-person SUP (please take the initiative to inform the customer service after placing the order)
  2. Take medication 30 minutes before departure if you have history of motion sickness.
  3. Bring sufficient drinking water (2L), mosquito repellent, and physical blocker such as clothes (sunscreen will pollute the water)
  4. Please wear lightweight clothing, swimsuits, contact lens (recommended if it is necessary) as activity attire
  5. Locker is not provided, please do not bring along valuables
  6. No shower room  


#8 SUP on the Ocean next to Qingshui Cliff

  • Qingshui Cliff is located between Heping and Chongde, and stretches for 21 kilometers. The Great Cliff of Qingshui is particularly steep, and is located 5 kilometers from the sea.


    It is one of the most majestic views in the Taroko National Park, and one of the top 10 scenic spots in Taiwan according to the Taiwanese Forestry Bureau.


    In the past, you could only drive between cliffs and the ocean. Today you will get a unique and stunning view of the cliffs from the vantage point of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a trip along roads built in ancient times.


    After safety instructions on the beach, you are free to paddle out to encounter at once the boundless ocean and dangerous beauty of the towering cliffs. Ocean SUP is more challenging than river SUP, as you have to contend with the rolling swells that might cause motion sickness for some people.


    Which SUP tour should I choose?


    If you are an early bird, the best choice is the sunrise group!


    Can’t get up too early? Then the morning group or the afternoon group is your thing! After some breakfast and enjoy paddling in the Pacific Ocean!



    1. Gears and safety equipment (2-person SUP board, paddle, non-slip shoes, life vest, leash)
    2. Complimentary shuttle service within Hualien City (shuttle service is not available beyond Hualien and assembly will be at 7-11 Nanbin store)
    3. Coaching for basic equipment usage and safety instruction.
    4. Photography assistance
    5. Photos of event can be downloaded for free
    6. Public liability insurance



    1. Wet suit (NT.200/person)
    2. Additional costs that are not mentioned above (Breakfast, personal expenses…. etc.)


    During the event, the company provides accompanying photos; Uniquefun has the right to use the photos to publish on the web, community or advertising.


    Please read carefully the relevant itinerary content of the participating activities and the regulations here. After completing the registration and payment, it is deemed that you have fully understood and agreed to the details of the itinerary.



    Days Prior to Event Refund Terms:

    8 days prior: Full refund

    3-7 days prior: 20% administrative fee

    2 days prior: 50% administrative fee

    1 day prior or actual day: No refund

    Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances by company: Full refund



    1. Rescheduling can be made between 4 to 6 days prior of activity (excluding actual day). However, a change can be made only once and is limited to activities from the same organizer.
    2. Price difference that occurs after changes will be topped up or refunded.
    3. Cancellation will not be accepted after changes are made.
    4. Last minute requests for date change on actual day of activity will not be accepted